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The maximum B.M. due to an isolated load in a three hinged parabolic arch, (span l, rise h) having one of its hinges at the crown, occurs on either side of the crown at a distance
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Ifrah said:   2 years ago
l/2 √3 = 0.288 l (distance from crown).
So, distance from side = l/2 - 0.288 = 0.211.

Ajay Sharma said:   3 years ago
Agree, Option C is correct.

Joy said:   5 years ago
I think A is the correct option.

Saugat Oli said:   6 years ago
a) When a concentrated load acts maximum positive moment occurs at distance 0.2113L from either end. And maximum negative moment occurs at 0.25L from either end.

b) When UDL acts maximum positive or negative moment acts at a distance 0.234L
So the suitable option will be L / 2√3.

ANKIT KATIYAR said:   6 years ago
I think Question is asking for a distance of maximum positive B.M which has a value (0.2113) L from either side and distance of maximum negative B.M is L/4.

Susmita Sarkar said:   7 years ago
Please explain it.

Ram Krishna Adhikari said:   7 years ago
I think option A must be the answer.

Sanad said:   7 years ago
How? Please explain.

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