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The ratio of the area of cross-section of a circular section to the area of its core, is
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B.Singh said:   11 months ago
Dia of Core of circle = d/4.
Dia of Circle = d.

Area of Core/Area of Circle = 1/16 will get.

Hon said:   3 years ago
Thanks @Aswathy.

Aswathy said:   3 years ago
Radius of circular section = r.
Radius of core section = r/4.
Area of circular section,A1 = πr^2.
Area of core section,A2 = π(r/4)^2 = (πr^2)/16.
Ratio ,A1/A2= πr^2/(πr^2/16) = 16.

Gowthami. said:   4 years ago
Substitute the values in the area formulae.i.e., in CS Area d=2r and in core area d=r/2.

Shaswata said:   4 years ago
Circular = 1/16.

Damodar said:   6 years ago
What formula is used here? Please tell me.

Baloch said:   6 years ago
Use the formula = pi r^2.
The radius of core 1/4th of r, So, 4^2 = 16.

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