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If the strain energy stored per unit volume in a hollow shaft subjected to a pure torque when t attains maximum shear stress fs the ratio of inner diameter to outer diameter, is
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SHUBHAM SIDDHARTH NAYAK said:   3 years ago
We know, strain energy per unit volume for hollow shaft=(f^2/4N) * (1+(d^2/D^2).

(f^2/4N) * (1+(d^2/D^2)=(17/64) * (f^2/N).

Solve this we get,
1+ (d^2/D^2) = 17/16,
d/D = 1/4.

John said:   4 years ago
Here, it Should there be fs^2.

Shailendra said:   6 years ago
Strain energy per unit vol = f^2/4N (1+d^2/D^2).

Sheela said:   7 years ago
Please give explanation.

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