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For permissible shear stress fs, the torque transmitted by a thin tube of mean diameter D and wall thickness t, is
πD2t fs
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Jiban regmi said:   3 years ago
T = Fs*J/R.

where, J = π*(Do^4-Di^4)/32.

= " * "* 2D *2t (where D=(Do+Di)/2, t=(Do-Di)/2).
=π*D*t/8 *[(Do-Di)^2+2*Do*Di].
=π*D*t/8*[ 4t^2 + 2D^2].
As the first term has a higher power of t , that can be neglected so;

Now Torque T=fs*J/R.

Ashish Ganesh said:   4 years ago
What is the polar moment of inertia for the thin tube?

Aamir said:   5 years ago
T/J = fs/r.(torsion equation).
Find T.

Sri said:   4 years ago
@Aamir thickness is not in the formula.

Monika Verma said:   6 years ago
Anyone explain this.

Skm said:   6 years ago
How? Explain.

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