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The force in BF of the truss shown in given figure, is
4t tension
4t compression
4.5t tension
4.5t compression
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Patel said:   1 decade ago
Reactions are va+ab = 5t.

Moment at A= 4t*x+5t*x-vb*2x = 0.

So 9t = 2vb.

vb = 4.5t.

So force in compression member BF = 4.5t compression.

P.K. Nayak said:   8 years ago
Taking moment about A.

Vb * 2 = 5 * 1 + 4 * 1.
=> Vb = 4.5T Upward.

Considering joint B
Fbc = 0 & Fbf = 4.5T c.

Krunal said:   7 years ago
How to determine it as compression or tension?

Manoj paridwal said:   7 years ago
Is sign is - then compression?

If sign positive then tension.

Abhi said:   6 years ago
How to consider the length of this? Please explain me in detail.

Nath said:   6 years ago
Here, Assume x as the length of each segment.

Gajanan todeti said:   5 years ago
Answer is A) 4T tension.

Michael said:   3 years ago
Why zero can't be? Explain, please.

Sk said:   3 years ago
Thanks everyone for explaining.

Mahesh said:   2 years ago
By equilibrium conditions.

All vertical forces=0,
Va + Vb = 5t, ----> eqn(1).

Taking moments about A,
Vb = 4.5t
Va = 4.5t.

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