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The ratio of the length and depth of a simply supported rectangular beam which experiences maximum bending stress equal to tensile stress, due to same load at its mid span, is
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Priya said:   6 months ago
Why moment is taken as wl/4? Please explain to me.

Snigdha said:   4 years ago
Thank you @Asay.

Asay said:   6 years ago
Bending Stress=M(max)/Z
Tensile Stress=P/A

Since, according to question,
Bending Stress=Tensile Stress
====> L/d=2/3

So, B is the correct Answer.

Sumit said:   6 years ago
Z is the moment of inertia or what?

Chhaya said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Ranjit.

Ranjit ray said:   7 years ago
Mmax = wl/4.
Bending stress = M/z
Tensile stress = w/bd
z = bd2/6.
By solving & equating we will get the answer.

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