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The assumption in the theory of bending of beams, is :
material is homogeneous
material is isotropic
Young's modulus is same in tension as well as in compression
each layer is independent to expand or to contract
all the above.
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Zain ul abideen said:   7 months ago
The Young's modulus (E) is a property of the material that tells us how easily it can stretch and deform and is defined as the ratio of tensile stress (σ) to tensile strain (ε).

Where stress is the amount of force applied per unit area (σ = F/A) and strain is extension per unit length (ε = dl/l).

Abi said:   8 months ago
What is young's modules? Explain, please.

Peace ojo osagie said:   5 years ago
If it expands, won't it lead to deformation?

Mahesh said:   6 years ago
In case of pure bending shear is assumed to be zero that is there is no force of resistance for one layer of material to slide over other and hence each layer is independent to expand and contract.

Myat naing said:   8 years ago
Why is each layer independent to expand or to contract?

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