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Maximum shear stress theory for the failure of a material at the elastic limit, is known

[A]. Guest's or Trecas' theory
[B]. St. Venant's theory
[C]. Rankine's theory
[D]. Haig's theory
[E]. Von Mises's theory.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Jeet said: (Mar 10, 2020)  
Different Theories of Failure : These are five different theories of failures which are generally used.

(a) Maximum Principal stress theory (due to Rankine).

(b) Maximum shear stress theory (Guest - Tresca).

(c) Maximum Principal strain (Saint - Venant) Theory.

(d) Total strain energy per unit volume (Haigh) Theory.

(e) Shear strain energy per unit volume Theory (Von Mises & Hencky).

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