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The tangential component of stress on an plane inclined θ° to the direction of the force, may be obtained by multiplying the normal stress by
sin θ
cos θ
tan θ
sin θ cos θ
Answer: Option
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Vikash kirad said:   2 years ago
When tanθ multiplied by normal stress we obtain the value of tangential stress.

So, option C should be the right answer.

Boyee said:   2 years ago
Normal stress = pcosθ2(a).
Cosθ2(a) *tan(a)=cos(a)sin(a) = sin(2a)/2.
So, by multiplying tan(a) to normal stess we get. P/2*sin(2a) which is tangential stress.

Irfan mir said:   2 years ago
It will be D in terms of the applied normal stress.

But if we need to find in terms of the normal stress produced on the same plane on which we need to find shear stress then we need to multiply by cot θ.

Om meena said:   2 years ago
Anyone Explain in detail.

Aist said:   2 years ago
D is the correct answer.

MJM GCEK said:   2 years ago
Yes, I agree with you @Rakesh Ojha.

Mukesh said:   3 years ago
@Rakesh Ojha.

Your expression is about normal shear stress.

Narayan ch.saha said:   4 years ago
The Correct answer is E. I agree with the given answer.

Dilip Yadav said:   5 years ago
The Correct answer is D.

Rakesh Ojha said:   5 years ago
It will be D.

TS = σ/2 *sin2x = σ/2 *( 2sinxcosx).
= σ* sinxcosx.

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