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If θ is the slope of the ground and l is the measured distance, the correction is
2l sin2 θ/2
2l cos2 θ/2
2l tan2 θ/2
2l cot2 θ/2.
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Kuldeep kumar said:   3 years ago
Right answer is A.

Ameiry Hassan said:   5 years ago
Slope correction = l-D, where l is sloping distance and D horizontal distance, construct a right-angled triangle ABC whose hypotenuse is l, adjacent D and the angle subtended between l and D be theta (θ) solve for D using trigonometric ratio u will get D= lcosθ then recall,

Correction = l-D
= l(1-cos θ)
Using the concept of half angle formula 1-cosθ= 2sin^2θ/2 and therefore correction= 2lsin^2(θ/2).

Priyanka Shah said:   5 years ago

how comes D=I cosθ. Please explain it.

Akki said:   5 years ago
D means? Give expansion for the formula.

SARAVANARAJA said:   6 years ago
How D=lcosθ?

Vamsi suppu said:   9 years ago
Slope correction = L-D.

Correction = L-D.
= l-lcos@.
= l(1-cos@).
= l(2sin@/2).

Danesh said:   9 years ago
Slope correction= L-D.
Here L=l.

So Correction = l-lcos@.
= l(1-cos@).
= 2lsin^@/2.

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