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Pantagraph is used for
measuring distances
measuring areas
enlarging or reducing plans
setting out right angles
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Shubham said:   6 years ago
Pantagraph is a minor instrument used for reproducing the map (whether to enlarge or to reduce). It works on the principle of the parallelogram.

Bikash said:   4 years ago
Pantagraph and eidograph are used to enlarge/reduce plan and planimeter is used to measure the area.

Mahendra said:   10 years ago
It is a minor instrument, and also it is working on the principle if similar triangles, by that way from the basis of similar triangles it will enlarge or reduce the maps.

Arnav Gupta said:   4 years ago
Based on the proportional properties of the edges of the similar triangles divided within a four-bar parallelogram linkage is pantagraph. Used to enlarge, reduce and copying drawings.

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