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If arithmetic sum of latitudes of a closed traverse is ∑Lat and closing error in latitude is dx, the correction for a side whose latitude is l, as given by Transit Rule, is

[D]. none of these.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Abhijeet said: (Aug 18, 2015)  
Important questions give with explanation.

Nilesh said: (Oct 2, 2015)  
If the error is dx then it is divided into equal parts.

Then it is dx/Σlat.

But the original latitude is l then correction is given by lx (dx/Σlat).

Guru said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
You are correct @Nilesh.

Shubhansh said: (Dec 2, 2017)  
Can you please explain your answer briefly? @Nilesh.

Anil said: (Apr 5, 2018)  
Please explain the answer.

Damodar said: (Jul 26, 2019)  
Here, What is a latitude?

Sonal Kumar Singh said: (Sep 25, 2019)  
Projection made to N-S direction is known as latitude.

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