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If a tacheometer is fitted with an anal-latic lens
additive constant is 100, multiplying constant is zero
multiplying constant is 100, additive constant is zero
both multiplying and additive constants are 100
both multiplying and additive constants are 50.
Answer: Option
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Durgesh Goyal said:   2 months ago
B is the right answer.

Well said @Ogundele D.

Anand Ratan said:   3 years ago
Multiplying constant (K) = 100.
Additive constant (C) = 0.
So, B is correct.

UTTAM SINGH said:   4 years ago
According to me, B is the right answer.

Robinson said:   5 years ago
Nice, well said @Ogundele.

Uttam said:   5 years ago
Actually, analytic lense only renders the additive constant to 0. It does not have any effect on multiplying constant.

Dhaval said:   5 years ago
Option A is the right answer.

Ogundele D. said:   6 years ago
The formula most widely used for finding the distances is:
d = k * s + c.

Here, s is the stadia interval (top intercept minus bottom intercept); k and c are additive and multiplicative constants. Generally, the instrument is made so that k = 100 and c = 0 exactly, to simplify calculations.

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