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The orthographical projection of a traverse leg upon the reference meridian, is known as
departure of leg
latitude to the leg
co-ordinate of the leg
bearing of the leg.
Answer: Option
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Pankaj said:   4 years ago
From the reference, meridian (N-pole) is = departure of the leg.

Upon the reference, the meridian is = latitude to the leg.

Suman said:   4 years ago
If there may reference lines (axis) then departure and latitude both are correct.

But here is reference meridian, so latitude in the leg is correct option. Because meridian is always in a N-S direction.

Junaidse said:   5 years ago
The given answer is correct. Orthogonal means perpendicular.

Hardik said:   5 years ago
You think meridian should be only in n-s direction. That's why latitude of leg is correct answer.

Pankaj said:   5 years ago
Orthogonal not means perpendicular. Please don't misguide others.

Adolf said:   6 years ago
Orthographic means perpendicular.

So, the departure of the leg is correct.

Amol said:   6 years ago
The length of the orthographic projection of a line up on the meridian is the latitude of the line.

Apcivilian said:   7 years ago
Answer should be departure of leg.

Ali said:   7 years ago

I think you are right because it is a general term and the correct answer should be coordinate of the leg.

Utkarsh said:   7 years ago
If reference meridian in N-S direction then latitude of the leg and is reference meridian in E-W direction then departure of the leg.

How can we say latitude of the leg is the answer, anyone?

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