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True meridians are generally preferred to magnetic meridians because

[A]. these converge to a point
[B]. these change due to change in time
[C]. these remain constant.
[D]. None of these.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Gaurav said: (Nov 5, 2014)  
As magnetic meridian change with time option must be B.

Anonymous said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
True meridian doesn't change over time while the magnetic meridian change through time. Question is confusing.

Ketan Akhani said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
Yes, the question is confusing me.

Ogundele Dare said: (Sep 7, 2016)  
True meridian are constant with time.

Ankit said: (Oct 12, 2016)  
True meridian also converges at a point, so what should be the right one?

Ravi said: (Feb 2, 2017)  
According to me, the question should be.

True meridian are the line passing from north and south pole of the earth.

Pranjal said: (Apr 14, 2017)  
True meridian remain constant, so readings also remain constant. So true meridian is preferred.

Jeevan Rathod said: (Aug 13, 2017)  
Magnetic bearing is constant and true meridian is clockwise variation.

Dipa said: (Apr 7, 2018)  
True meridian is constant but magnetic meridian is changes with time.

Rohit said: (Apr 17, 2018)  
The Answer should be B.

Rohit Singh said: (Apr 17, 2018)  
Yes, the answer should be B.

Sameer Sopori said: (Apr 30, 2018)  
True meridian: Geographic North pole and the south pole is the called the earth true meridian.

Magnetic meridian: The magnetic north pole and south pole direction is called Magnetic meridian.

THE MAGNETIC MERIDIAN CHANGES WITH TIME, so it not good to preferred in fieldwork.

The true meridian (geographic north-south pole direction) remains constant always.

So, the answer is "C".

Rock said: (Jul 18, 2018)  

The Question is True meridians are generally preferred, WHY?

Because they remain constant every time.

K.Das said: (Feb 6, 2020)  
These changes are due to change in time.

Pradeesh said: (Jan 2, 2021)  
C is the correct answer.

Suresh Mandal said: (Sep 21, 2022)  
@All. Understand the question clearly.

It is asking why we refer to the true meridian over the magnetic meridian.

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