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Contours of different elevations may cross each other only in the case of
an over hanging cliff
a vertical cliff
a saddle
an inclined plane.
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Dipesh yadav said:   4 years ago
The contour line cannot cross each other except in the case of the overhanging cliff and vertical cliff. But in case of overhanging cliff, contour line may overlap and in case of vertical cliff, contour line unite at a point.

MEGHA MANJUNATHA said:   6 years ago
1. Contour lines generally do not meet or intersect each other. If contour lines are meeting in some portion, it shows the existence of a vertical cliff.

2. Contours of different elevations cannot cross each other. If contour lines cross each other, it shows the existence of overhanging cliffs or a cave.

Shivam said:   7 years ago
Please describe this question.

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