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Two contour lines, having the same elevation

[A]. cannot cross each other
[B]. can cross each other
[C]. cannot unite together
[D]. can unite together.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Raps said: (Sep 15, 2016)  
The answer should be option C.

Ash' said: (Oct 24, 2016)  
Yes, option c is right.

Carin said: (Nov 15, 2016)  
Yes (c) is the correct answer.

Amit Ami Sharma said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
All points in a contour have the same elevation. And close themselves either within or outside the limits of the map. So, the answer can unite together is correct.

Xiyaz said: (Mar 28, 2017)  
2 lines cannot but one line can close itself.

Utkarsh said: (Jul 27, 2017)  
Amit first goes through characteristics of contour lines. Answer is C.

Two contour lines of equal elevation cannot unite to form a single line.

Ishwar said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
Cannot Unite Together is correct.

Ashu said: (Mar 23, 2018)  
C is the correct answer.

Surender said: (Apr 2, 2018)  
Option C is correct.

Suga said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
> Contour lines of same elevation can unite to form single line only in the case of vertical cliff. Hence option D is correct.

Titiksha said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
Option C is correct.

Atea said: (Aug 2, 2018)  

They seem to meet because 2D representation cannot reproduce two or more stack curve separately. They cannot meet each other. They only stack.

B.R Bhatta said: (Sep 6, 2018)  
Option B also correct.

Two contour lines, can cross each other in case of Overhanging cliff.

Saan said: (Oct 27, 2018)  
Two contour lines cannot unite together except vertical cliff. So, option A and C is correct.

Avi said: (Feb 11, 2019)  
Contours of different elevations cannot unite but contours of same elevations can unite to form single contour.

Avi said: (Feb 11, 2019)  
The correct Answer is D. I agree.

Vaish said: (Feb 27, 2019)  
The contour lines having the same elevation cannot unite and continue as one line.

A contour can not end abruptly, but must ultimately close itself not necessarily within the limits of the map.

The direction of steepest slope at a point on a contour is at right angles to the contour.

Suryateja said: (Mar 12, 2019)  
The correct answer is C.

Mhathung Kikon said: (Apr 29, 2019)  
Answer D is possible only in case of vertical cliff.

Gopika said: (Jun 11, 2019)  
Option C is right. I too agree.

Amjad Ali said: (Feb 16, 2020)  
Generally, two contours lines can't cross each other and also can't unit together. But there are two cases in which contours line cross each other i.e overhanging cliff and unit to gather i.e vertical cliff.

Jeet said: (Feb 27, 2020)  
Contour lines depend upon elevation. Different elevation contour lines never intersect each other but with the same elevation, they unite i.e. they intersect each other.

Saran said: (Mar 19, 2020)  
Two contours having the same elevation cannot unite. (Source: B.C.Punmia).

Manoj said: (May 1, 2020)  
Two contours of different elevations do not unite together except in the case of the vertical cliff but if there is the same height two contours can unite together.

The same height means contour are in the same line so option D is right.

Shumaila Soomro said: (May 3, 2020)  
Option A is correct because they don't cross each other except in the case of overhanging cliff.

Rohan Mukherjee said: (Oct 6, 2020)  
They can't unite and they can't split away from each other ! But they can cross in case of overhanging cliff and cave.

Kapil Acharya said: (Oct 15, 2020)  
They can unite in case of vertical cliff.

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