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Let angular value of one graduation of a tube of length x be φ seconds and R be the radius of its internal curved surface, then
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MJM Gcek said:   3 years ago
Yes, you are correct @Rahendra.

Mesbah Ullah said:   3 years ago
Arc = φ *R......... φ in rad.
φ rad = Arc/R.
φ = Arc/(R*rad) = x/(R*206265).

Shiva said:   3 years ago
Thanks @ Er.Meghanada.

Raju Sarkar said:   4 years ago
Yes, it should be (x/R)206265.

Amjad Ali said:   4 years ago
None of these.
Sensitivity= x*206265/R.

Er Meghanada (Bhadrak) said:   7 years ago
x = Angular value of one graduation of tube of length.
φ = Second.
R = Radius.

D = 206265 sec.
(x/r)*d = (x/r)*206265.

φ = x/206265.

Abhishek Anand said:   7 years ago
Yeah,angle= (arc/radius) radians.
= (d/r) * 206265 sec.
= (206265d/r).

Rajendra said:   7 years ago
It should be( x/R ) * 206265.

Bestengineer said:   8 years ago
How? Explain.

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