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For true difference in elevations between two points A and B, the level must be set up
at any point between A and B
at the exact mid point of A and B
near the point A
near the point B.
Answer: Option
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Rimesh Jethara said:   8 months ago
The right Answer is A.

It is also called 2 peg method.

Baliram said:   2 years ago
Option B is the correct answer.

V.V.patel said:   5 years ago
Thanks @Pradeep.

Akki said:   5 years ago
I think option A is correct.

Pradeep Raghu said:   7 years ago
For the minimum error due to curvature and refraction, the level must be set such that back sight and foresight distances are equal.

Mohammed libinshad.k said:   8 years ago
We take in differential leveling for accuracy for sight = back sight.

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