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The surface of zero elevation around the earth, which is slightly irregular and curved, is known as

[A]. mean sea level
[B]. geoid surface
[C]. level surface
[D]. horizontal surface.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Rakesh said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
Why not mean sea level?

Amit Ami Sharma said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
The average level of the ocean's surface, calculated as the arithmetical mean of hourly tide levels taken over an extended period and used as the standard for determining terrestrial and atmospheric elevations and ocean depths.

Geoid surface is the surface of zero elevation.

Amit said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
Geoid means irregular.

Sanku said: (Sep 27, 2020)  
Mean sea level is zero elevation.

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