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The accuracy of measurement in chain surveying, does not depend upon

[A]. length of the offset
[B]. scale of the plotting
[C]. importance of the features
[D]. general layout of the chain lines.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Pankaj Verma said: (Aug 27, 2015)  
Please explain this answer.

Abhilash said: (Oct 30, 2015)  
Why general layout of the chain lines, not importance of the features?

Amrit Sah said: (Mar 26, 2016)  
Why Scale of plotting is not an answer?

Amit Ami Sharma said: (Dec 15, 2016)  
Length, Scale and Features are important.

General layout is because it doesn't matter how we deal with the plan or layout. Measured distance should be accurate.

Roushan said: (Apr 8, 2019)  
Yes right, thanks @Amit Ami.

Gyaneshrimahana said: (Jun 25, 2019)  
Thank you all for explaining it.

Sonal Kumar Singh said: (Sep 25, 2019)  
Layout of chain lines mean arrangement or plan of lines. That's why it is not necessarily measuring distance should be accurate is taking importance.

Mukesh said: (Feb 17, 2020)  
The layout is the just a way in which the line is set out on a page.

Hemanth Erla said: (May 23, 2020)  
Thank you @Sharma.

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