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The least count of a vernier scale is
sum of the smallest divisions of main and vernier scales
value of one division of the primary scale divided by total number of divisions of vernier scale
value of one division of vernier scale divided by total number of divisions of primary scale
none of these.
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Yojana said:   3 years ago
It is 1 MSD/No of VSD's.

Rohan Mukherjee said:   4 years ago
It's none of these! The Least count of a vernier is the smallest division on the main scale to a number of divisions on the Vernier scale!

Er S.A said:   4 years ago
Least Count = D/n.

Patel tushar said:   5 years ago
0.002 mm least count of Vernier Scale.

Garry said:   7 years ago
No, the correct answer is;


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