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The distance between, rivet line and the nearest edge of a joint not exposed to weather, is taken (where t is thickness in mm of the thinner outside plate).

[A]. 6 t
[B]. 8 t
[C]. 10 t
[D]. 12 t

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Sagar said: (Nov 1, 2017)  
If exposed to weather then = .12t.
And not exposed to weather = 16t.
But there is no such option given.

Shie said: (Aug 20, 2018)  
Max pitch for Tacking bolts:

Exposed to weather: min of16t, 200mm.
Not exposed to weather: min of 32t, 300mm.

Mjm Gcek said: (Aug 15, 2021)  
Correct, thanks @Shie.

Abhinav Raj said: (Oct 14, 2021)  
It's according to the clause of IS 800:2007.

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