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The outstand of stiffeners should be (where t is the thickness of flat).

[A]. 6 t
[B]. 8 t
[C]. 10 t
[D]. 12 t

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Lakshmi said: (Sep 17, 2014)  
In compression zone it is 16t & tension zone it is 12t.

Mani said: (May 21, 2016)  
Thanks @Lakshmi.

Amar said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
Well said, Thanks @Lakshmi.

Sadashiva said: (Feb 21, 2019)  
16t for steel sections and 12t for flats where t is the thickness of the section or flat.

Laxmikanth said: (Apr 23, 2020)  
For flats:12t in compression and 20t in tension.
For angles 256tf/fy^0.5.

Ankit Yadav said: (Oct 28, 2020)  
Compression - 16t.

Tension- 20t.

The outstand of web stiffeners in the terms of thickness is 12t.

Niranjan said: (Oct 29, 2020)  
The outstand of a web stiffener should not be greater than 256t/fy^0.5 for angle section and 12t for flats.

t = thickness of a flat.

Mjm Gcek said: (Aug 15, 2021)  

For tension, it is 20t not 12t.

Majeed Khan said: (Sep 10, 2022)  
What is outstand here? Please explain me.

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