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A continuous beam shall be deemed to be a deep beam if the ratio of its effective span to overall depth, is
less than 2
less than 2.5
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Jasmin Radadiya said:   6 years ago
What is the meaning of deemed?

Bibudhendu keshari Bhola. said:   6 years ago
IS 456:2000.

Clause no. 29.1(a) 2) Less than 2.5.

RMS said:   6 years ago
IS 456 : 2000.
Clause no. 29.1 (a).
Less than 2.5.

Tamer Salah said:   8 years ago
D is the correct answer (continuos beam).

PIYUSH SINGH said:   9 years ago
For continuous deep beam L/D is less than 2.5.

For simply supported Deep beam L/D is less than 2.0.

Stuff said:   10 years ago
The correct answer is D.

L/D less than 2.5 for continuos.

Dinesh kumar said:   1 decade ago
What is meant by deemed?

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