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If D is the overall thickness of the slab, the diameter of the reinforcing bars should not exceed


Answer: Option E


The diameter of reinforcing bars shall not exceed one eighth of the total thickness of the slab.

Shabbir said: (Dec 12, 2015)  
What happens if it is exceeded?

Moath Qasem said: (Jan 25, 2017)  
The D/8 is the diameter of a single rebar or all of them combined?

Chitrang said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
D/8 is the right answer.

Kamlesh Yadav said: (Oct 24, 2017)  
What if it exceeds?

Ranguwal Rockz said: (Apr 1, 2018)  
If it exceeds then their will be left less portion between above and below the reinforcement and slab ends & because of increased dia, the cracks will appear on the surface of slab AS we know reinforcement has the tendency to expand & contract. So for clear cover and other environmental factors to account this provision is necessary.

Sameer Sopori said: (Jul 18, 2018)  
What if it exceeds?

We know that bars are strong in tension area and concrete in compression. So our aim is always to reduce the self weight of the slab, for this aim we can use tensile area (bottom portion of the slab). May be you have seen some times we use the thermal foam blocks or hollow concrete blocks to use in slabs (Just for reducing the unnecessary weight).

Now here if we will use bars which exceeds D/8 Then we are increasing the unnecessary dead load of slab, then we need to increase the thickness of slab to bear the compressive stress at the top and also it will affect the estimated budget of project.

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