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For the plain reinforcing bars in compression, the permissible design bond stress in tension, is increased by
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Chintan said:   8 years ago
How to solve this?

Swap said:   7 years ago
24 as per Indian standard.

RMS said:   6 years ago
25% increased for bars in compression.

And 60% incresed for HYSD bars.

Utsav said:   6 years ago
For compression option C is correct.

Utsav said:   6 years ago
(i) The bond stress given above for tension is increased by 25% for bars in compression.
(ii) The bond stress for plain bars is increased by 60% for deformed bars.

Fakhar Naveed said:   9 months ago
For reinforcing bars in compression, average bond stress can be increased by Answer 25%.

Fakhar Naveed said:   8 months ago
The average permissible stress in bond for plain bars in tension is Increased by 25% for bars in compression.

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