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The area of the concrete in compression plus the area of reinforcement transferred on the basis of modular ratio, is called
transferred section
equivalent section
cracked section
none of these.
Answer: Option
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Sai Ram Gorati said:   2 years ago

It is based on the assumption that only the steel takes the tension and concrete takes compression.

So in the tension zone i.e, below Neutral Axis Concrete does not take tension therefore it cracks. That's why this section is called as Cracked Section.

In the cracked section (in singly reinforced beams) the total area of the section in terms of the concrete is Area of Concrete in Compression + Area of steel in terms of Concrete.

Mahesh Panda said:   1 decade ago
Concrete area in compression and equivalent area of steel in compression as per modular ratio is called the Equivalent section.

Cracked section is that portion of concrete which in beyond tension steel and is in tension so cracks may develop in this region.

Zohaib said:   4 years ago
Transformed area section is right. Transformed area if concrete is equals to modular ratio times area of steel.

SUBRAT said:   5 years ago
Opt C is the correct answer. According to IS code, IS 456:2000 clause no. 22.3.1.C.

CHANDRAKANTHA said:   7 years ago
Refer IS 456-2000.
Clause -22.3.1 c.
Option C is correct.

NAVNEET said:   6 years ago
Yes, option C is correct. I agree with the given answer.

Er. Arun dev singh said:   7 years ago
Yes, the right answer is equivalent section.

Umesh said:   4 years ago
It is according to IS code, clause 22:3:1:c.

Bash said:   8 years ago
Yes, cracked section protects the concrete.

Prashant said:   2 years ago
C is correct. Agree with the given answer.

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