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The grade of concrete generally not used in the reinforced concrete, is
M 10
M 15
M 20
M 40
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Ashish said:   4 years ago
Give the clear explanation for the correct answer.

Jignesh said:   5 years ago
As per IS now it is M20.

Kumarbittu said:   5 years ago
The given answer is Correct.

Iingaraj said:   6 years ago
Which answer is correct? Please explain.

Hintsa said:   8 years ago
The concrete as per IS 456: 2000, the grades of concrete lower than M20 are not to be used in RCC work.

Amitava Mitra said:   8 years ago
As per 2000 revision of IS 456 Grade of Concrete for RCC starts from M20. So the answer will be option C.

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