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In a loaded beam, the point of con-traflexture occurs at a section where
bending moment is minimum
bending moment is zero or changes sign
bending moment is maximum
shearing force is maximum
shearing force is minimum.
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Sneha said:   3 years ago
@siddhardth sigh lamba.

It completely depends on where the external moment occurs and what is its direction.

Sneha said:   3 years ago
POI are the points where bending moment equals zero.
POC are the points where bending moment changes the sign.

So, all POC are POI, but all POI are not POC.

Siddharth singh lamba said:   4 years ago
If a moment work on a simply supported bean then what is the shape of s.f.d and b.m.d?

Shaswat said:   4 years ago
Contraflexure means the point where BM changes sign or becomes 0.

Inflection means the point in the beam where the deflected shape changes, either from hogging to sagging or saaging to hogging.

Govind Kalke said:   5 years ago
Bm diagram going to change its sign.

Ankit verma said:   5 years ago
Inflection point ----- it is the point, where S.F is 0 or change its sign.

Contraflexure point ----it is the point, where B.M is 0 or change its sign.

N.Akhil said:   5 years ago
The point of inflection is BM is 0.

The point of contraflexure is BM is 0 and change its sign.

That is all point of contraflexures are the point of infletion but all point of infletion are not point of contraflexure.

Hope you understand.

Rahul Kumar singh said:   5 years ago
Point of inflection is for elastic curve whereas point of contraflexure is for Bending moment.

Er. Bazrul Hasan said:   6 years ago
Generally, Point of cocontra flexure Point of inflexion these are same, inflexion is the word of math which means curve change own sign and contraflexure is the word from Mechanics.

AVI PANDEY said:   6 years ago
Will point of contraflexure be on support?

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