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If a shaft is rotating N revolutions per minute with an applied torque T kg-m, the horse power being transmitted by the shaft, is
none of these.
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Joti said:   1 year ago
Thanks @Prem Prakash.

Prem prakash said:   2 years ago
T is given kg/m.
we know 1 kg = 9.81 N.
1 HP = 745 watt.
if Torque unit in kg/m.
Then power in unit kg-m/s.
T = 2πNT/60 in kg.m/s.
T= 2πNT*9.81/60 in N.m/s (watt).
T = 2πNT*9.8/60*745 in HP.

Tanmoy Karmakar said:   3 years ago
Thanks @SH civil.

Sushil said:   4 years ago
Thanks for the answer.

Mck said:   5 years ago
Agree @Sh Civil.

Sh civil said:   5 years ago
power in watts = 2πNT / 60
as torque in kg /m, T * 9.81 N.m and power is to explain in HP, 1 HP = 745.7 watts.
P in HP = 2πNT* 9.81 / 60 * 745.7.
~2πNT / 4500.

Rakhi said:   5 years ago
Anybody, please explain clearly, I didn't understand.

Shubham said:   5 years ago
60*745=45000 in division.

Nani said:   6 years ago
Power transmitted by shaft is = 2 * (φ) * N * T/60 watts.

In watts = Power/745.7.

Lara said:   6 years ago
Can anyone explain it?

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