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If a member is subjected to a tensile force P, having its normal cross-section A, the resulting shear stress in an oblique plane inclined at an angle θ to its transverse plane, is
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Trent said:   2 months ago
For normal stress its P/A cos^2θ.
For shear or tangential stress its P/2A *sin2θ.
For resultant stress its P/A cosθ.

Sanjib said:   5 years ago
Given option is correct.

Normal stress is P/Acos2 θ.

Prasenjit said:   7 years ago
Yes, it's true.

And normal stress P/A*cos2.

Ankit said:   7 years ago
Shear stress is nothing else it is tangential stress over inclined plane for uniaxial direct strees.

Shakeel said:   7 years ago
Anyone can explain it?

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