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If the stress produced by a prismatic bar is equal to the working stress, the area of the cross-section of the prismatic bar, becomes
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Aashish Tiwari said:   11 months ago
Here working stress applied is equal to stress produced in the prismatic bar.
So, the resultant stress becomes zero and we have
Stress =force/area.
Area = force/stress = force/0 = infinite.

M. Waseem said:   2 years ago
The Given Answer is Correct.
as we know that stress= ε*E
or P/A = ε* E
or A = P/ε*E.

Now if working stress equals the stress in the bar then the strain (ε) will be zero, and according to the above equation when strain is zero then Area becomes Infinite.
A = P/0*E
A = Infinite.

B.Nehru said:   4 years ago
Yes, you are right, Thanks @Jay Brahmabhatt.

Ankit namdev said:   4 years ago
Minumum is correct one.

Khurshid said:   5 years ago
I think area has to e infinite when stress is maximum in order to avoid unwanted situation.

Hemraj Basnet said:   5 years ago
Consider S = stress.

Then partial derivative of stress with respect area.
dS/dA=pd(A power minus 1)/dA,
solve it,
A= infinite.

Neel said:   6 years ago
Freely prismatic bar stress is equal zero. So area is infinite.

Satya said:   6 years ago
Option D is correct I think.

Skm said:   6 years ago
Option D is correct.

Deepak kumar said:   6 years ago
Working stress means maximum so the area will be minimum.

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