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The method of design of steel framework for greatest rigidity and economy in weight, is known as

[A]. simply design
[B]. semi-rigid design
[C]. fully rigid design
[D]. none of these.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Himanshu said: (May 24, 2016)  
Why not semi-rigid design?

Joseph said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
Why not semi-rigid design?

Ankh Leif said: (Sep 29, 2016)  
What is semi-rigid and fully rigid design?

Baloch said: (Nov 10, 2016)  
I think its Semi-rigid.

Fully rigid design concerns less on the economy.

SURAJ said: (Mar 14, 2017)  
Yes, B is correct answer.

Sree Vaishnavi said: (Apr 27, 2017)  
I think its semi-rigid as fully rigid is not economical and also, in reality, no design can be fully rigid.

SUNIL said: (Aug 30, 2017)  
Why not semi rigid design?

Mya Darli Khin said: (Aug 26, 2018)  
Why not semi-rigid?

Divya Dhawan said: (Mar 4, 2020)  
A fully rigid design is right.
Asking for the economy in weight.
The fully rigid design gives the economy in the weight.

Suresh said: (May 12, 2020)  
I'm agree with you, Thanks @Divya.

Neeraj said: (May 20, 2020)  
Why fully rigid design?

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