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The maximum tensile and compressive bending stress in extreme fibres of rolled I-sections and channels on the effective section, is

[A]. 1500 kg/cm2
[B]. 1420 kg/cm2
[C]. 1650 kg/cm2
[D]. 2285 kg/cm2

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Amanda said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
How? Explain.

Ankit said: (Jan 25, 2017)  
The correct answer should be A.

Yuvi said: (Dec 13, 2017)  
. 66fy=.66 * 2500 = 1650.

Amu Bokato said: (Mar 10, 2019)  

Is 0.66y for both tension and compression combined or how? Please explain.

Karan said: (Aug 30, 2019)  
@ Amu Bokato.

The bending compression asked in question so in both cases bending tension and bending compression value should be. 66fy.

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