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For a steel member of slenderness ratio 350, the allowable stress is 76 kg/cm2 if it is

[A]. HTW grade of thickness exceeding 32 mm
[B]. HT grade of thickness exceeding 45 mm
[C]. HT grade of thickness not exceeding 45 mm
[D]. All the above.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Babulal said: (Jun 3, 2017)  
Please explain it.

Hit said: (Nov 21, 2017)  
How both B & C options are right?

Please explain in detail.

Ritu said: (Dec 18, 2017)  
Please give the explanation.

Skm said: (May 6, 2018)  
Anyone explain this?

Akat said: (Apr 16, 2019)  
Explain the answer clearly.

Omid said: (Dec 15, 2019)  
HTW stands for?

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