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If W and L are the total superimposed load and the span of a plate girder in metres, the approximate self weight (W) of the girder, is taken as


Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Abishake said: (Sep 12, 2015)  
We can also take WL/400.

Rajiv said: (Feb 1, 2016)  
We can take WL/200.

Sainthal said: (Mar 15, 2017)  
Yes, we can take WL/200.

Sanvi said: (May 21, 2017)  
It is WL/400.

Abhi said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
The wt of bolted/riveted plate girder = w/300.

For welded plate girders = w/400.

Garry said: (Jan 18, 2018)  
I agree @Abhi.

Abhishek Rai said: (Nov 21, 2020)  
Self weight of girder = W/200 KN/M or WL/200 KN .


W=total factored imposed load.
Now here in question W is superimposed load so when we multiply with 1.5 then 1.5WL/300=WL/200 KN.
Therefore, the given answer is correct.

Subha said: (May 22, 2021)  
Can anyone state the source of the answer in IS code? I'm unable to find it. Thanks.

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