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The effective length L of a simply supported beam with ends restrained against torsion, and also the ends of compression flange partially restrained against lateral bending, is given by
L = span
L = 0.85 span
L = 0.75 span
L = 0.7 span
L = 1.25 span
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Rohit said:   4 months ago
L = 0.7 for simply supported,
L = 0.85 for cantilever,
L = 2L for cantilever continuous.

Suhail Rafiq said:   1 year ago
Thanks a lot @Srinath.

Duhan said:   4 years ago
Option D is the right answer.

For torsional and warping restraint effective length of the beam is 0.7 of the span.

Chhaya said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Srinath.

Srinath said:   6 years ago
Table 15 Effective Length for Simply Supported Beams, L~T, as per IS 800 : 2007.

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