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A tension member, if subjected to possible reversal of stress due to wind, the slenderness ratio of the member should not exceed
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Osama said:   1 year ago
According to code IS 800-2007.

Teh answer is 180.

Subhendu patra said:   2 years ago
It should be 400.

ShAms KhAn said:   2 years ago
For wind 250.
For wind reversal 350.

Mohit bhandari said:   3 years ago
A tension member subjected to reversal of stress i.e., windload, seismic load.

Nilraj said:   4 years ago
The compression member with
1) Dead load and imposed load=180,
2) with wind and earthquake action=250,
3) with lateral torsion buckling-300.

Now, the Tension member
1) With the reversal of the direct stress other than wind or earthquake -180.
2) Reversal of the stress with wind and earthquake-350.
3) Member always under tension other than pre-tensioned member-400.

Deepak said:   4 years ago
The Answer is 350, because 250 is not classified in tension member in any condition in IS CODE.

Aman said:   4 years ago
It's 250.

Yajnish tiwari said:   5 years ago
Slenderness ratio.

For Pure tension member = 400 Compression/Reversible stress= 180.
Roof truss=350.

Pavitra said:   5 years ago
180 for reversible loading.

Anu said:   5 years ago
It's 350.

And 250 is for the same condition with compression member.

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