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For eccentrically loaded columns, the bending factor is


Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Raj said: (Dec 8, 2014)  
We know M/I = F/y.

So M = F*Z, Z section modulus. Therefore we can write M = P*(Z/A).

May be answer is D.

Michael said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
What is the right answer anyone know?

Garry said: (Jan 19, 2018)  
I totally agree @ Raj the correct answer should be option d.

Uttudon said: (Oct 3, 2018)  
Z/A is the correct answer. So, Option D is correct.

Pooja said: (Dec 22, 2019)  
M/I = f/y
f = M X y/I
= M /Z
Load = M * A/Z so answer is C.

Ashish Sharma said: (Sep 15, 2020)  
D is the correct answer.

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