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The slenderness ratio of a column is zero when its length

[A]. is zero
[B]. is equal to its radius of gyration
[C]. is supported on all sides throughout its length
[D]. is between the points of zero moments.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Akash Deep Yadav said: (Jan 18, 2016)  
Anybody explain this question please?

Pooja said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
I think asnswer should be option C.

Vishu said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
It indicate the bukling of column, it''s value is zero if the length is supported on all sides.

Mukku said: (Jan 8, 2017)  
I think it's C.

Karishma said: (Jan 25, 2017)  
Option C is the correct answer.

Dhiraj Gupta said: (Apr 22, 2017)  
I think Option c is the right answer.

Muniraj Meena Jodli said: (May 26, 2017)  
Its value is zero if the length is supported on all sides.

Abhi said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
I think correct option is C because column is supported in all direction then effective length is zero.

King said: (Nov 8, 2017)  
Yes, C is correct answer.

Leeladhar Reddy said: (Dec 13, 2017)  
Effective length is the length between the point of inflexion (poi).
If POI is zero slenderness ratio is zero.

Option c also correct.

Utkarsh said: (Dec 31, 2017)  

If length is zero then also slenderness ratio will be zero.

Vikas Yadav said: (Jan 14, 2018)  
C is correct answer.

Rachna said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
C is the correct answer.

Er Kamlesh said: (Jan 19, 2018)  
C correct. I also agree.

A K Dubey said: (Feb 3, 2018)  
C is the correct answer.

Ravi Shah said: (Apr 2, 2018)  
Between points of zero moments means its like hinge on both sides that doesn't make effective length zero. Instead we get effect length equal to length betn supports and thus slenderness ratio is not zero. I also think it should be option C.

Akash said: (Apr 21, 2018)  
I think C is correct.

Munesh Kumar Meena said: (May 30, 2018)  
So, answer C is correct.

Aman said: (Oct 24, 2018)  
Yes, C must be the right answer.

Hayat said: (Aug 25, 2019)  
Yes, C is correct.

Emal said: (Jan 28, 2020)  
Slenderness ratio is the ratio of unsupported length of the column to the minimum radius of gyration of the cross-sectional ends of the column.

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