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Assuming the values of maximum deviation ΔP and ΔE to be 25% of the computed value of P and E respectively, the minimum value of the factor of safety is

[A]. 1.00
[B]. 0.67
[C]. 1.67
[D]. 2.67
[E]. none of these.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Ghanshyam said: (Sep 20, 2017)  
Please someone explain me.

Priya said: (Jan 4, 2018)  

Prakash said: (May 31, 2019)  
Stress = F/A.
Stresd = 1.25F/.75A.
= 1.667*Stress.
Fos is directly related to stress.
So FOS = 1.67.

Akash said: (Nov 2, 2019)  
Thank you @Priya Prakash Varrier.

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