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Pick up the correct statement from the following:
The rise of the ground surface due to frost action is called frost heave.
The freezing of water is accompained by a volume increase of 9%.
Below freezing point, higher soil suction develops.
The magnitude of frost heave decreases as the degree of saturation of soil decreases
All the above.
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Sangla bagang said:   2 years ago
Can anyone describe the 3rd option?

Niva said:   4 years ago
Porous means the void is present and water passes through it.

Kasthuri said:   6 years ago
All are correct.

i. The rise of the ground surface is due to frost, so called as frost heave.
ii. freezing water volume is more than the normal water.
iii. due to the melting of frost suctions will be formed.
iv. It can be explained by the relation S= volume of water/total volume if the volume of water reduces, there is frost formation, it results to decrease in magnitude.

Durgesh said:   7 years ago

Please explain how dos and frost heave are related?

Harpreet singh said:   8 years ago
Rise of ground surface by frost action called frost heave.

Parthiban said:   9 years ago
Degree of saturation is the ratio between volume of water to volume of voids. Since, this is the fact if the D of S decrease surely magnitude of frost heave will decrease.

V.Anil kumar said:   10 years ago
Volume of ice is more than volume of water, hence fully saturated soils frost heave is high.

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