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A partially saturated soil is classified as

[A]. one phase soil
[B]. two phase soil
[C]. three phase soil
[D]. four phase soil.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Sudi Rajashekar Reddy said: (Feb 12, 2014)  
Partially saturated soil must contain solids + water content + air voids so it is Three Phase system.

Manjunath M Bhagale. said: (Feb 21, 2015)  
Soil is namely called as three phase system because mainly it contains solids means soil grains and water and air.

Ravindra Rathod said: (May 6, 2016)  
Partially saturated contain 3- phase because it shows air, water, and soil.

Harshal Kotkar said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
Partially saturated soil = soil + water + air = 3phase.
Fully saturated = soil + water = 2phase.
Dry soil = soil + air = 2phase.
Frozen soil = soil + water + air + ice = 4phase.

Rahul said: (Dec 30, 2017)  
Good explanation, Thanks @Harshal.

Amare Yihunie said: (Feb 3, 2019)  
Soil space contain volume of solid particle=vs, volume of void.

The given sample on question is partial saturated soil these means volume of void occupied by water and air, but volume of solid occupied by only solid particle.

Therefore partial soil sample contain solid state, liquid state and gases state.

Laxmi Shah said: (Apr 20, 2019)  
Thanks @Harshal Kotkar.

Aishwarya said: (Jan 14, 2020)  
Good explanation. Thanks @Harshal.

Anil said: (Jul 24, 2020)  
Thanks @Harshal Kotkar.

Khairulzamil said: (Sep 18, 2020)  
Thanks for explaining.

Vla Sailo said: (Oct 16, 2020)  

Easy to understand, thanks for explaining.

Baswaraj Shivankar said: (Nov 25, 2020)  
Thanks @Harsal.

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