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Pick up the clay soil group which does not swell when wet from the following :
Kaolinite group
Illite group
Vermiculite group
Montrorillonite group.
Answer: Option
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Abdishakur ahmed said:   1 month ago
Why illite clay is not stable on the water action site? Please explain me.

Praveen naik said:   4 months ago
I think Kaolinite is right.

Tokir wani said:   2 years ago
Kaolinite is stronger than all and doesn't swell made of 1:1 Aluminium and silica of size 7 Angstron A'.

Gaurav said:   2 years ago
Kaolinite is the right answer.

Shianrilong Reamei said:   2 years ago
@Mustak Ahmed.

You are wrong, Ionic bond is stronger than hydrogen bond.

Ionic bond>covalent bond>hydrogen bond> dipole-dipole bond> van der wall bond.

Mustak Ahmed said:   2 years ago
Answer will be kaolinite as hydrogen bond is present in kaolinite, which is stronger then the ionic bond which is present in illite group.

Arpit said:   2 years ago
A is right answer. I also agree.

SANJAYA said:   3 years ago
A is the right answer. I too agree.

Abhinandan kumar said:   3 years ago
Option A is correct,

Kaolinite is made of 1-1 composition of silica and gibbsite with a strong hydrogen bond due to which water doesn't percolates into it, so it doesn't show any swelling and shrinkage property.

Abhisek yadav said:   3 years ago
Kaolinite soil : No swelling no shrinkage.

So, A is correct answers.

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