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The minimum centre to centre distance of friction piles of 1 m diameter, is
2 m
2 m to 3 m
3 m to 4 m
5 m
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Pleo said:   5 years ago
As per IS 2911:.

In case of piles founded on hard stratum and deriving their strength from end bearing the centre to centre distance between such piles should be 2. 5*dia of the pile.

In case of friction piles, the centre to centre distance should be 3*dia of the pile.

Anant said:   7 years ago
2.5d to 3.5d for end bearing pile.
3d to 4d for friction pile.

Nayan said:   7 years ago
Minimum 3d so, C is correct I think.

MAHENDRA KUMAR REDDY said:   7 years ago
I think, Option B is correct.

Gajan Rana said:   7 years ago
3*D for friction piles.
2.5 * D for end-bearing piles.

Vikram said:   8 years ago
3d friction pile.

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