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Factor of safety against sliding of a slope, is the ratio of
actual cohesion to that required to maintain stability of slope
shear strength to shear stress along the surface
neither (a) nor (b)
both (a) and (b).
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Manik said:   11 months ago
Both a and b means the same thing (almost) , a is for purely cohesive soils, their Shear stress is equal to cohesion.

Dilip Singh said:   4 years ago
Strength- it is the resistance against the gradual loading.

Shear stress- it is the resistance between two objects.

Deadman said:   4 years ago
The answer should be B as FOS is resisting force/actuating force.

Dharmin said:   5 years ago
Stress is reaction force induced when force is applied. Its increas as applied force increat but upto its limit (ita strength) and strength is maximum reaction force soil can induced to withstand applied force.

Sathish said:   6 years ago
Please give explanation.

Vyshnavi said:   7 years ago
Stress is the force applied, strength is the force the material can resist. When the shear stress reaches the shear strength of the material, it breaks.

Vijay said:   7 years ago
What is the difference between shear stress & strength?

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