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The ratio of the weight of given volume of soil solids to the weight of an equal volume of distilled water at the given temperature, is known
specific gravity
void ratio
water content.
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Prashanth said:   3 years ago
From pycnometer method,

G=(W2-W1) /((W4-W1)-(W3-W4))

W1 = weight of pycnometer.
W2 = wt of pycno.. + wt of sand.
W3 = wt of (pycno.. +sand +water).
W4 = Wt of (pycno.. +water).

Mayank said:   5 years ago
Ys= a unit weight of solids.
Yw=unit weight of water.
specific gravity(G)=Ys/Yw.

Jaspreet said:   6 years ago
Yes, SP gravity. At 27-degreee C.

Sam Kosamkar said:   6 years ago
Sp. Gravity is correct.

G = Ws/(Vs * γw at 27degree).
= γs/ γw.

Puja mandal said:   7 years ago
Ultimate settlement- H*Cc/1 plus initial void ratio*log (total stress/initial stress).

Omer said:   7 years ago
Its answer is specific weight or unit weight.

PIYUSH SINGH said:   9 years ago
Answer will be specific gravity.

Specific gravity = weight of soil/weight of water of same volume at 27'c.

Ani said:   9 years ago
VOID RATIO = volume of void/volume of soil solid, According to the question it is SPECIFIC GRAVITY.

Arul raj said:   9 years ago
sp.gravity = required sample density/standard sample density.

= sample weight/equal weight of water.

Md Ayat Karim said:   10 years ago
Void Ratio = Volume of Voids/ Volume of soil solids.

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