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The ratio of the volume of voids to the volume of soil solids in a given soil mass, is known
specific gravity
void ratio
water content.
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Asif said:   1 year ago
Porosity is also defined as the ratio of void to the total volume.

Muhammad Taqi said:   1 year ago
Void Ratio = Volume of void/Volume of soil solid.

Porosity = volume of void/volume of solid mass.

Waqar said:   2 years ago
Void ratio(e) = volume of voids/volume of solids in a given soil mass.

Void ratio is never zero.

In soils having e>1, such soils are more compressible,
Less shear strength.
Less bearing capacity.
Less density and,
More previous.
Void ratio of fine grain soil is more than coarse grained soil.
Approximate void ratio of sandy soil is 0.6.

Sathish D said:   4 years ago
There is a co-relation that,
Porosity relates to the total volume of soil.
Void ratio relates to the Solids particles having voids within the soil.

Hero said:   4 years ago
e = Vv/Vs (i.e.) voids ratio.

Yug said:   5 years ago
Volume of void to volume of soil solid is called void ratio or volume of void to total volume of soil mass is called porosity.

Akshay said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Akash.

Akash said:   9 years ago
Volume of Void/Volume of Solid is Void Ratio and Volume of Void/Volume of Soil mass is Porosity.

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