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SI unit for the surface tension, is
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Umesh said:   5 years ago
The SI unit N/m is right.

BHOOPENDER said:   7 years ago
Stress = P/A =N/sqm.

Viki said:   7 years ago
In this why the tensions are not measured in kg?

Does kg represent load?

Akshay Jadhav said:   7 years ago
Surface tension is a force (N) acting over a surface area (A) having unit width.

So, Area= (1*m). Therefore, answer must be N/m.

Jalsngh Jatav said:   8 years ago
Surface tension is a force applied on the surface to the length of the surface.

Kush meena said:   8 years ago
In cgs its unit is = dyne/cm.

Mohd suhel said:   8 years ago
Force per unit lenth, ie = f/l = N/M.

Tan said:   8 years ago
N/m is the correct answer.

Malvi said:   8 years ago
Surface tension = force /area.
So, Nm/m2.
=> N/m or J/m2.

Rajat said:   9 years ago
It should be force per unit area.

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